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Message Subject Trying to link BOSTON BOMBER SUSPECTS to Murder of Marijuana Mogul
Poster Handle TruthNow88
Post Content
Just a bit of added info for your post.

Boston Bombings: Investigators need to look into this Staged Event, but need to focus on Graham Fuller (CIA agent who was key in starting up the Afghanistan Taliban in th e80s) , the Saudi National who recently attended the 4th of July at the White House and "Uncle" Ruslan (formerly married to Fuller's daughter). I'm still not sure what role the Tsarnaev brothers played.
 Quoting: dmhennen

Boston Terror Suspects Uncle Was Married To CIA Officer's Daughter And Even Shared A Home With The Agent
An uncle of the Boston bombers was previously married to a CIA officer's daughter for three years, it emerged today.
Ruslan Tsarni, who publicly denounced his two terrorist nephews' actions and called them 'Losers', even lived with his father-in-law agent Graham Fuller in his Maryland home for a year.
Mr Fuller was forced to explain the relationship today as news of the family link emerged online.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Uncles Interview: [link to www.youtube.com]

Books written by former CIA officer Graham Fuller
The Center of the Universe: the Geopolitics of Iran - [link to www.amazon.com]
The Democracy Trap: The Perils of the Post-Cold War World - [link to books.google.ca]
The Future of Political Islam - [link to www.amazon.ca]
The new Turkish Republic: Turkey as a pivotal state in the Muslim world - [link to www.amazon.com]
A World Without Islam - [link to www.amazon.ca]

...and the body of Tamerlan ended up being claimed by his Uncle not his Mother, Father or Aunt (go figure).

Triple Murder in Waltham, MA: Investigators need to focus on the Gus Baily drug gang and there whereabouts on Sept 9 and 10 of 2011.
 Quoting: dmhennen

I haven't looked much into the triple murder BUT I do know the Boston operation (which was Urban Shield Boston 2013) had a lot of connections to the mob & the porn industry through a special FX / realistic combat training company called Strategic Operations via Stu Segall Productions.

More details on the Boston operation framework, including Strategic Operation can be found here.
Thread: BOSTON BOMBINGS / SIEGE OF BOSTON: Urban Shield - Strategic Operations - HSEEP

Both events involve to some extent, corrupt police officers.
 Quoting: dmhennen

Which might tie into this (which is very similar to Bryce Ashley Reed with the West Texas incident).

Boston police officer pleads not guilty to explosives charges and is released on $1,000 cash bail
Merricks’s attorney, Eric Goldman, said in court that there was no evidence linking the explosives to his client and suggested they may actually belong to the son of his estranged wife, who returned recently from a military tour of duty.
“There is nothing linking him [Kirk] to these explosives, they just as easily could be the son’s,” he said.
After the arraignment Goldman told reporters that Merricks is a veteran who served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield in Iraq.
According to Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri, Robin Merricks contacted his department on Thursday after she found what she feared were explosives in parts of the house and in a shed on the couple’s home on Paddington Way.
The State Police Bomb Squad and Plymouth police searched the property and discovered the explosives which included the four grenades, explosive detonation cords, blasting caps, and a form of TNT explosive, the chief said. There were also about 150 rounds of ammunition for shotguns and pistols of various sizes.

[link to www.boston.com]

Which I feel all ties into the bigger agenda at play with all this crap.

Thread: The Coming Domestic "Cell" Connection: Boston Bombing, West TX Explosion, Lac Megantic Derailment, San Francisco Crash...

As an added note...

Boston bombing suspect’s friends arrested for removing evidence: FBI affidavit
Three friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were arrested Wednesday for allegedly removing a backpack and a laptop from Tsarnaev’s dorm room after the attacks.
[link to www.ctvnews.ca]
[link to www.youtube.com] (we expect a not guilt plea... lol)

For anyone that has followed this event they would understand the police wouldn't of known if anything was missing from Dzhokhars place, since he wasn't under surveillance, and they didn't arrive at his apartment or know his identity until April 18. If the friends removed a backpack from his apartment before that time (which is the story) they wouldn't know it existed to begin with so how did they know it was gone? This points to the obvious, which is the backpack that was removed by the friends was the one he was wearing at the marathon... aka it didn't explode... aka he didn't bomb shit. Basically they went to get the "needed" backpack from his apartment during the apartment raid, but when it wasn't there (as expected) they knew someone had to of taken it, so they rushed to arrest the 3 most likely people (his 3 friends) to retrieve the loose end backpack as soon as possible.
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