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Message Subject Trying to link BOSTON BOMBER SUSPECTS to Murder of Marijuana Mogul
Poster Handle dmhennen
Post Content
Reni Manukyan, a 24-year-old assistant hotel-housekeeping manager who married Ibragim Todashev at a mosque near Boston in July 2010, says agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived at her house in Atlanta and her mom’s house in Savannah, Ga., on Tuesday night, the same time they started questioning her late husband at his home in Orlando.

Ms. Manukyan says her husband told her the FBI showed up at his house in Florida shortly after the marathon bombings. “He was outside of his house—the place where he was shot last night—in his backyard, talking on the phone with somebody, and out of nowhere they came and put him on the ground and handcuffed him and took him to the FBI office,” she said.

Ms. Manukyan says that kicked off a series of interactions with U.S. authorities that were becoming increasingly frustrating for her husband.

“They let him go but they took his computer and his phone. For the whole day they were holding his phone and the computer,” Ms. Manukyan said of the first day Mr. Todashev was interrogated.

“Then they were just contacting him pretty much every day, and they were following him every single day, everywhere he goes there were a couple cars right behind him on his tail,” she said he had told her. “They were all over what he was doing, pretty much.”

[link to stream.marketwatch.com]
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