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connecting snowden and the san francisco plane crash

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United States
07/16/2013 10:42 PM
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connecting snowden and the san francisco plane crash
first, let us look at the oil empowered combatants in the ring by starting with the bad guys....western christian fascism empowered by nato and their intel, zionism empowered by the israeli war machine and their intel, and jihad empowered pakistan and their intel.....the eneny for all three would be the putin controlled russian state owned energy that they know can bring them all to their knees thru global supply and demand pricing indefinitly...the confusing part of it all is that are 2 oil entities in russia, the private oligarch side of which is linked into israel and putins asian fed state side......................all that said,the intel model is the same for everyone in that the spooks can get you with the pencil or with the sword....................the pencil here would be snowden whose father was a coast guard officer, the coast guard being an original bueracratic spy entity..he was born in north carolina, which along with san diego has been a training realm for covert entities going back before 9/11...lastly, snowden has taken the same course that larry ellison has taken with his interest in eastern culture(ellison also came from a spy family and was in on the ground floor of miltary software)....so doing the human geography on snowden, he is being used as a pressure point on putin and is being aided by the russian oligarchs who have weoponized israel..this is why he is waiting it out in moscow.....putin, however, is not taking the bait and is ignoring the issue just like his partner obama who are repping the good side here(obama is having a legit tit for tat with netenyahu that have addresed this in earlier postings)...i'm not sure, but snowden who seems qualified technically, may also be a judeo-christian end timer the kind of which does flourish in north carolina...................so snowden is the pencil for intel.........................the plane crash was the muscle and a message to putins backing, his energy customer china, as they are paying an honest price for the cheap energy that the petrofueled flawed mindsets fear the most ...the plane, remember, originated in china...the fixed price oil controlled fascists within our military intercepted the codes for the auto-pilot functions, in this case the aircrafts speed, and slowed that plane down at just the right time which prevented the pilots from making the manuel adjustment and it couldn't clear the seawall......the moon/media, being under the harlot's feet(oil pricefixing),hurriedly began speculating but never once menioned computer sabotage....the same thing was done in san diego with the runaway toyotas that had their cruise controls engaged from the air(the on star system works on the same principal if you lock your keys in the car).... somebody as far away as virginia can open it with code......i'm also convinced that the first responders who ran over that girl have been burdened with polically based, san diego linked homeland security games to the extent that they are wasting training time and thus making mistakes when the bullets are live..........the plane crash was the sword
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14252676
07/16/2013 10:46 PM
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Re: connecting snowden and the san francisco plane crash
bugs bunny was cooking meth for david koresh