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Op. Ed. from Jack The Leper

Jack The Leper
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07/16/2013 11:15 PM
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Op. Ed. from Jack The Leper
Zimmerman, our Goldstein

In Orwell's 1984, Big Brother's mortal enemy was Goldstein. Goldstein was the enemy not Big Brother.
As I sit here grazing the news on the internet about the Trayvon Martin case, something seems very strange. Why are the blacks acting like this? Is it just politicians keeping the blacks in their pocket by literally making up a story, feeding it then reinforcing the victim-slave-status of every black in this country?

I believe it is much more sick than that. I believe its because Obama is a deep disappointment to the blacks of this country. They see neighborhoods like Detroit getting worse, black unemployment rising, nothing has “changed” to give them any “hope”. Seriously! Nothing has changed and there is no hope. Obama is not a man of faith and conviction; he is not a man of any achievement other than political advancement, getting the votes. He won the Nobel peace prize for what?? Thats all he is good at, honors without achievement. And now with the recent revelation about the evil of the NSA, IRS and other federal agencies, we find a president that is very incompetent or just plain evil.

And over it all is this terrible taste in your mouth that all Obama is – is just an amateur Chicago politician who is handled by professional keepers, a mediocre lawyer and likewise professor advanced by color of skin; a suit with teleprompters, who was elected, not on the content of his character but on the color of his skin. Someone who never owned a business but yet plans to tells all of us how, what and where to do it. He is style and no substance. He does not deliver the goods.

The blacks in this country were waiting for this great black messiah to take them into the promised land. But guess what? Thats not going to happen, and now they realize it. He has no vision. Oh he has words, he likes to talk to us “folks”.

So blacks can not blame their black prince messiah in the Whitehouse, nope they have to fire up the old devil. Racial hatred. Yes, that is the reason they are not getting ahead, not a failed presidency. Its Zimmerman! Like the enemy of Big Brother, Goldstein.

Its not Zimmerman its a failed president, a terrible copy of L.B.J. Who presents the straw man fallacy of Zimmerman and the “Mythical and Mystical Racism” as the reason for all of the blacks failures.

The actual blame for our problems is at the door of the Whitehouse. Yes, Zimmerman is our Big Brother Barak's Goldstein.