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Message Subject The Day Before Disclosure (HD) - Best UFO Disclosure Film Ever!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can you imagine that they exist and we in Brazil are cutting sugar-canes like idiots so that these stupid TACKY satanic "royal" families can keep their pyramid scheemes going on the sorry blood of these peasants hands??


[link to farm9.staticflickr.com]

Such selfishness! Coupled with "brotherhood" oppression brought you by the "secular" masonic Police "services"...

"To serve and protect!"
 Quoting: TruthMinion

umm, wrong thread?
 Quoting: Septenary Spirals

Why wrong thread?

Do you think they treat people in their societies like this??

I saw twice one orb of light. Ive said it many times here.

Once I was crying. If it was "them", they are VERY VERY COOL PEOPLE.

Just for the way they presented themselves to me.
 Quoting: TruthMinion

My bad. Your post just didn't seem to have anything to do with ET. But, I understand you now.
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