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Message Subject The Day Before Disclosure (HD) - Best UFO Disclosure Film Ever!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

OP, you still around to expound on this?
 Quoting: Septenary Spirals

Joseph Smith encounters a huge ball of Light (UFO) and two beings emerge, One "Angel" named Moroni and the other says he was known as Jesus.

Joseph Smith asks these beings which religion is the one true religion? their answer..."None Of Them"

They tell him to create a new religion and tell him where to find the Golden plates which Contain the "Book Of Mormon"

The "Book Of Mormon" gold plates are found with two skeletons of Giant beings from an Indian Earth Mound.

Two skeletons of Giant beings? Nephilim! Nephilim = Anunnaki/Human Hybrid.

Joseph Smith met the Anunnaki it is turning out.

The Book Of Mormon could be thought more as a accurate history book of past American civilizations and how the Native Americans got here and who they truly are and and what they represent.

Joseph Smith was then hunted down, His people murdered and children killed by the "Catholic Church", Smith was eventually killed by mob violence.

Smith Preached he was a Prophet and that he spoke with a "Higher Power"

Smith said he was not unique in this regard, that we all have that innate power, that did not sit well with the church.

The Mormons have ever since been preparing for the return of the next Prophet, That person has been identified even though most Mormons don't know this because it's all happening right now and more than likely they won't know what to think because this new Prophet does not agree with what the Mormon religion has been turned into.

More To Come
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36276060

umn, wow. That ties in a lot of things that have been discussed elsewhere.

 Quoting: Septenary Spirals

I thought the same thing. Would like to hear majestics take on this ;)
 Quoting: shadasonic

Oh yeah. Definitely.
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