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Message Subject The Day Before Disclosure (HD) - Best UFO Disclosure Film Ever!
Poster Handle CaptiveR
Post Content

Most of us will live to experience disclosure and contact within our lifetime. Of this I'm sure.
 Quoting: Beach mama 42290992

damn straight you will!

and you will live to rue the day, mark my words

you who so easily have chosen to disregard having been warned about exactly what will happen at that point in time, who these entities will IN TRUTH be, and having chosen to delude yourselves otherwise in lieu of your egos once again having taken precedence over all common sense, wisdom, and/or any small semblance of good reason.

you will therefore receive that which you have earned with the doing and it will not be long in coming thereafter.

from the moment they make their presence known to the world you will have five months of non stop deteriorization to look forward to as the world around you crumbles from within, along with any shadow of moral fiber that yet remains amongst the lot of you, which in truth seems to be much a moot point in fact, hence you can call them your "just desserts" in equal measure.

not only will they cause you to come to your senses on the first day of the Millennium Age franctically searching for someplace to hide, they will have you wishing with all your might you could somehow shake the shame that you have brought upon yourselves in the interim.

having been duly warned repetitiously makes you all the more well deserved with regard to the "rewards" you will receive for the "fruits of your labor" accordingly.

let it be known that your high hopes for their "assistance" and all else they will feign in your foolhardy regard will be the equal opposite of that which they intend to deliver unto you in their service as the rods of Gods displeasure with the lot of you in full.

they will not in truth "come in peace" but they will in fact leave you "in pieces" as they lead you down that selfsame garden path which warranted your presence here and now at the end of this Age of rebellion in wait of their imminent arrival, whereby you would be proven once and again to have been unfit for anything more than this last ditch opportunity to yet shame yourselves further prior to the end of this Age.

enjoy the ride, theres no place you will more well deserve being than in hell when its fully frozen over.

rest assured, your lot in the Millennium which will follow closely at the heels of your five month dalliance with Death will be equally enshrouded in that selfsame darkness you'll have therefore earned and so richly thusly deserve.

you new age hopefuls are an abomination indeed. the very idea that you view yourselves as "fit" to "ascend" is the epitome of irony with regard to the strong delusion you were advised would befall all self serving egoists such as yourselves at the "time of the Revealing" which would closely preface The End. you may well have kept your own noses relatively clean but what on earth have you sacrificed in lieu of your brethren within this world who have existed in virtual hell from the onset? not nearly enough you will come to find as to have warranted your ascending to a higher estate. not even close in fact and you've been duly put on notice and apprised of that fact, hence read it and weep en masse.

What the...!?

Can somebody possibly translate this little lot into something better, or more understandable?
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