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Just had a large plane fly over my house.

Reinvigorated Being

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07/18/2013 02:05 PM

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Just had a large plane fly over my house.
I live North of Austin, TX. & we're not directly under the commercial flight path. What got my attention was the sound. We get choppers & small planes flying over, fairly regularly but this just sounded different. It was either dark grey or green & my first thought was, "Hmmmm, why is a Military plane flying here & why so far below the low cloud cover.". No, no pics, on my tablet & my cell's on the charger. I used to live by McCord & Fort Lewis, as well as DIRECTLY under the SeaTac flight path. No, this does NOT mean that I'm an expert but I trust my instincts.
Anyone around Austin & see anything like this, in the last 20-30 minutes?
Ton of helpful link for that dam thread-
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