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Message Subject The cost of sanity in todays society is a certain degree of alienation (video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But how do you find awakened people in your city? I'm too tired to look for them anymore. I wish I would just stumble upon one. Can't bother to waste my time and money going to random places and taking to random people.

Also, it seems you cannot connect with anyone anymore, including the semi-awakened ones. Everyone is so busy with their health concerns, family concerns, job concerns, relationship concerns, etc. You begin a conversation only to be interrupted by their phone calls or someone they recognize on the street.

Everywhere I go is too noisy and crowded, you cannot even focus on any serious conversation. There is no privacy, and most people are cowards - they run away from any kind of intimacy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43711886

Usually, this kind of people random go out and meet strangers. They keep to themselves. And those who DO 'talk', usually are just 'wannabes'. Those who really know, tend to shut up. They feel it's like, it's no use talking to anyone about it. People are too obsessed with materials, and they call you 'names' if you even mention it to them. Names like 'crazy, lunatic, out-of-his-mind, weirdo', etc. It's good enough if they don't sign you up for a free room at the lunatic asylum. So, really, who wants to open up his mouth and start babling about this kind of thing?

Best thing is to get out of this 'sick' civilization and be on your own - if you are brave enough to do so. Maybe once in a while go down the mountain and mingle with society. I know I would do this when I have enough resources to do so.

Even the word ridicolous cannot describe the foolishness of our society, having to pay for natural resources like water, that God HIMSELF has given to us for FREE.
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