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Subject Did Kanye admit that the illuminati or what ever KILLED HIS MOTHER?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So I'm sure some of you conspiracy heads have heard about the illuminati having to do with Kanye West's mothers death, like a sacrifice of sorts theory before right?

I have, and I thought it was completely lunatic, until I saw this. Kanye made a rant that was recorded about justifying grabbing the mic from taylor swift during the VMAs. In the audio he also mentions his mother was arrested for the sit-ins (you know, black protest) and that his mother died for this "fame shit", that his mother died "for this shit" "This fame shit"

Does he mean that his mother died for his fame? or did he really mean died for him, since he is black, died for him being able to do what he wants, to have his freedom.. idk
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