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Message Subject Did Kanye admit that the illuminati or what ever KILLED HIS MOTHER?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you listen to his latest music you will see that he is fucking pissed.

He has every right to be. He fell for their shit and is now fighting back. Hardcore. Him and Jay-Z. They are calling themselves trojans. They are fighting back from within.

These are my own conclusions from listening to their music instead of jumping on a look and judge train. I listen so I can understand.

I do believe he means they killed his mother. She died while getting plastic surgery right? He fell for "it." The "new slavery" as he calls it in one song.

He has two of the new songs on his youtube. Listen to them.

They may seem like they are jumping on the MSM "new Age" whatever bandwagon because they have to. I truly believe now though there is some double agent stuff going on here.

To win a battle you have to understand AND play both sides very very well.
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