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Obama’s Lynching of America

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United States
07/19/2013 11:48 PM
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Obama’s Lynching of America
Obama’s Lynching of America
[link to johngaltfla.com]

by John Galt
July 19, 2013 23:45 ET

Via YouTube thanks to the UK Telegraph:

(click on the link above to watch Obama statement on Zimmerman trial today)

Law enforcement did their job according to the State of Florida and the United States Constitution.

Yet that was not good enough.

The jury system was upheld and both the defense and prosecution, despite illegal and unethical attempts to convict George Zimmerman, did their job and completed the legal path to processing the accusations and fulfilling their Constitutional duties to uphold the law.

Yet that was not good enough.

In the State of Florida, there was not a massive racist based reaction on most sides of the trial, it was fanned by actual Communists, anarchists, and extremists who were already Federal terrorist suspects in California and other states. The racial tranquility surrounding this case in Florida was not white on black, or more factually Latino on Black attacks, criminality, nor racism; that was injected by the Democratic Party and racists who promote hate on the left. Despite their efforts Florida was peaceful and accepted the rule of law as the final, legal arbiter.

Yet that was not good enough.

Today, sadly, because his so-called great political legacy is self-destructing before our very eyes, President Obama resorted to the most pathetic case of race-baiting and hatred by a major Western leader since a speech in Berlin by someone in the 1930′s. It was not as if he could accept the rule of law nor peaceful acceptance of the legal decision of a jury, nay, he needed to raise funds for a library or Michelle shoe shopping trip in Brazil or Hong Kong. Thus he decided to change the 2014 elections into a self-aggrandizing racial conflict to paint anyone opposed to himself, his policies, or the Democratic Party as racists, bigots, and ultimately supporters of the Ku Klux Klan.

The President of the United States should be ashamed for lynching the American public by shaming generations of innocent citizens with racial guilt to raise money and win votes. Yet no one will call him out on this, no one will address the issue as serious, no one will investigate the illegitimate campaign funds raised via this attempt to initiate a divide or expand one where little existed. Sadly, the current administration now becomes the most racist Progressive Presidency since this man:

(Woodrow Wilson)

Too bad nobody outside of those intellectually capable individuals which support the U.S. Constitution will ever understand the severity nor degree of bigotry and illegal activity designed to create civil discontent unless we survive the next three years to prosecute those individuals who persecuted anyone who believed that all men were and are truly created equal.
I've always wanted to see the 1920's and 1930's but not from the German perspective.