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Message Subject BUSTED ! Trayvon Martin's Father is Illuminati Grand Master Mason !!
Poster Handle AAONMS
Post Content
One of them woke me up. He told me about the sacrifices they do.
 Quoting: CigarTigher

That's BS. Either you made that up, or someone lied to you. Either way, it's pure BS.

And rest assured, Tracy Martin in not a Freemason.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43734713

[link to www.masonicinfo.com] This proves that the RenfordPbrown Grand lodge is NOT recognized by Freemasonry. Anyone can call themselves a Mason it doesnt mean you are and title of Mason cannot be trademarked or reserved. So in this case the RendfordPbrown GL was created outside jurisdiction which means they are out on there own connected to NOBODY. Its not even prince hall lodge!!! What Tracy joined is a corporation designed to LOOK real and make money off it. Do some research!!!

[link to bluelitepha.files.wordpress.com]

This explains what Tracy Martin actually joined is probably the biggest Fraudulent Mason organizations that exist. Pay close attention to the William Banks section. He is the IFAMM founder which is the organization that Tracy Martin belongs too! Its a fake Mason organization!

William V Banks was kicked out of Masonry, started the IFAMM with a Fake charter granted by nobody, then appointed himself a 33rd degree Mason and Grand Master of the IFAMM.

Want further evidence Tracy Martin is not a Mason??
Thread: Tracy Martin is NOT a Grand Master or Freemason!!!!!!
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