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Message Subject A Steaming Pile of Poop
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
was he saying he was a member of _____ tribe? I could not see his mark to verify.

As practiced yes, as related here, yes most definitely. Its about words idols and actions. The prophet Jesus did tell you about the bankers, the system, etc, etc, love your brother all that, yet this is not what has happened or is happening.

What we end up with again is the watchers, men of old whatever taking again more than they should,murdering and enslaving. and they to go with the system that allowed it.

It should be about spirituality, working on self will and reaching down to help the least yet this is not how it is, just greed envy and lust, all in the name of a teacher. Just more "chosen people" more slaves, more sin.
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