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More Amish hijinks in Chicagoland.

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United States
07/21/2013 03:56 PM
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More Amish hijinks in Chicagoland.
[link to www.chicagotribune.com]

Since the Tribune published no description of the "teens" I am forced to assume they were blond of Swedish descent, dressed in Amish garb.

The comments of one of the victims is typical liberal lunacy. Despite being called a "White b____" (as per the article) she doesn't think it was racial.

Likely the only reason none of these "teens" has been shot is all the victims are loony liberals. Anyone with a CCW is aware enough to avoid areas with lots of "teens".

I'll stick to running my half-marathon in Spokane.
york hunt
User ID: 43157230
United States
07/21/2013 10:48 PM
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Re: More Amish hijinks in Chicagoland.
i dont smoke dope,chew rope,dance,french romance,fight,fuck,fart,shoot at the moon or drive trucks,ive been to jainesville,maine,spain,spokane,ft.wayne, three worlds fairs,and around the world twice,seen goats fuck in the market place but i aint ever seen the kind of shit like the kinda shit that goes on around this place!!!