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Huge prison break in Iraq shin this pit

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/21/2013 10:18 PM
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Huge prison break in Iraq shin this pit
As a Muslim I think this is great.

*Major Prison Break: Abu Ghuraib and Taji - Iraq

Abu Ghraib and Taji Prisons are under attack in an attempt to free hundreds of Muslim prisoners there. Multiple Martyrdom operations, mortar attacks, and the ISIS is making its way into the prison, extreme heavy fighting. Their are helicopters circling overhead, but the area is surrounded and the ISIS has set up checkpoints blocking the area.

اتصال من احد المعتقلي&#160​6; ولآ سجين باقي داخل سجن ابو غريب الله اكبر الحمد لله الحمدلله

News from Iraq is stating that Abu Ghraib prison has been over-run is there is not a single prisoner left inside the prison. I dont know exactly how many ppl were freed. I will try to update.

تأكيد .. فك أسر عدد من اخواننا الأسرى وهم في الطريق .. واستمرار الإشتباك&#157​5;ت ، بحول الله وقوته دولتنا منصورة

fighting is still underway and many of the freed are being transferred to safe locations.


For some reason, I couldn’t post anymore - couldn’t sign back on.

There is so much news. Very credible sources are claiming that Thousands of prisoners have been freed, some ppl with connections in Iraq have spoken to credible sources and they have confirmed that over 6000 prisoners have been freed. I know this sounds unbelievable.

Among the prisoners are captured muhajireen from the 2006-2007 days, when they were captured over 6 yrs ago. Also some of the top leaders of the Islamic State have been freed including the leader of Salahudeen province and the leader of south Baghdad area. The Top prison official there who is also responsible for torturing many prisoners was beheaded after he was briefly interrogated and info regarding top prison officials was taken from him.
نحر ضابط رافضي كبير في سجن أبو غريب ؛ و تم التحقيق معه قبل نحره و اعترف على بعض الضباط .."

Maliki’s forces were sent as reinforcement, including armored personnel and helicopters. The force was stopped as IED ambushed them. This must be the biggest operation carried out in Iraq for several years, perhaps even the biggest ever. I could only guess that hundreds of fighters (if not thousands were used), not to mention the buses needed to transfer the prisoners and the checkpoints around the area. It is highly likely that this was done incardination and direct assistance from mujahideen in Syria.

A massive hunt is underway by the Maliki forces, In taji alone, co-ordinated attacks in a span of 30 minutes over-ran 7 checkpoints by the ISIS, their is a really hard effort to get the prisoners to a safe place. Will keep updates insha'ALLAH
تم إسقاط 7 سيطرات في التاجي خلال 30 دقيقه ولله الحمد

There is a co-ordinated attack all over Iraq, Baghdad airport is under heavy mortar bombardment and Taji military base is under heavy bombardment - over 30 mortars fired at taji military base in north baghdad. It appears multiple fronts are opening up to distract the maliki forces from the prison.
مايزيد عن 30 قذيفة هاون متنوعة أنهالت على معسكر التاجي شمال بغداد

The prison break is said to be finished, with upwards of 6000 prisoners freed. Many of them were mujahideen others were ordinary sunnis who were arrested by the rafidha - who arrested towns in mass. I am hearing reports that 80 percent of all prisoners were freed, other reports said all of them were freed. The full details will be revealed once the dust settles.

Now lets await the mainstream media to report any of this, certainly such a massive prison break could not go un-reported or fully ignored, even if they play with the numbers or give false reports, they cant deny it fully.

Some ppl with connections in Iraq have posted "قبل دقائق اتصل بنا والد احد الأخوه من سجن ابو غريب

يقول لم ينكتب لي الخروج ولكن الحمدلله الكثير من الأخوه خرجوا والوضع هدء الأن"

'several minutes ago the father of one of the brothers in Abu Ghraib prison, called and said escape was not destined for him but many many brothers were able to escape and the situation is calm now'

From what i have understood i think Taji prison is completely freed of all the prisoners, and Abu Ghraib Prison was 80 percent freed.

الان تدور اشتباكات قوية في سوق التاجي مقابل معسكر التاجي الله اكبر والمعارك لاتزال تدور في التاجي الدعاء للمجاهدي&#160​6; بالله عليكم

There is still heavy fighting going on in taji military base and other areas, but the prison operation is over. Reports are stating that dozens of Sahwa fighters bodies are scattered throughout the cities in northern Iraq.

Twitter is on fire, massive celebrations by the supporters of the ISIS. Details after details are coming out. will keep update insha'ALLAH.

The Sahwa 'sunni' fighters rushing to the aide of the rafidhi army near abu ghraib have been crushed, they were going there to make sure they dont let captured sunnis escape from the rafidha and now their bodies are scattered all over Abu Ghraib. For those of us who dont follow much, this may be an Attack unlike it ever before. Pay attention because this is unprecedented and unbelievable. For all those ppl who criticized Abu Bakr Al Qurashi Al Hashemi al Baghdadi, and i was one of them, for uniting Jabhat AL Nusrah (or parts of it) with the Islamic state of iraq - to form the islamic state of iraq and sham. Know that this is not just a change in names and an un-necessary 'strife' causing move, this would not have been possible without the aide from Al Sham. Just several months after the union, you have the biggest attack, possibly EVER, by any Jihadi movement.


The govt is releasing that they will give a complete amnesty from future imprisonment or punishment if the general and the soldiers that fled the prison return to fight the ISIS and recapture the prisoners. I have heard that some of the top leaders of the islamic state including some who were on death row have been freed. Also some reports that Abu Hamza Al Muhajir's wife, Hasna, who was imprisoned after his death is in the abu ghraib prison, she was a major reason for this attack - i dont know if she was freed or not. Pls make dua for the remaining 20 percent who were not freed in the abu ghraib prison.

Some news is also stating that the first batch of the prisoner have reached safe areas, other are saying that the destination may be syria, because such a large amount of prisoners will need a really safe area to prevent re-capture.


New updates:

I don’t know whats happening to the server by ummah forums is stating ‘page unavailable’, I finally got back on. There is so much news coming out. A very large contingent of prison escapees were giving general amnesty by the ISIS and freed into the cities of western Baghdad, Mosul, Anbar, etc. The Sunni ppl have to unite and give them collective refugee and protection. The number of escapees is still unclear it could range from Hundreds to thousands, nobody knows for sure, but it is a huge number.

- Also Naser Ghanam, the leader of the 17th division in the army resigned from his post, citing lack of security and a breakdown of order.

Major MAJOR news of a third prison being attacked this time the Badoosh prison in Mosul, several sources say that prison has been over run as well.

The first photos are beginning to appear about the attack, this is the abu ghraib prison attack.

The attack was carried out around iftar, and night cover gave them an opportunity to escape after the attack. There were dozens of ambushes in Baghdad, Ninewa, Mosul, ramadi. This has to be one of the best planned and executed prison breaks in modern history.

Even Iraqi media has stated that the prison is under attack in a attack ‘a first of its kind’. Sources have stated that over 50 prisoners were killed in the attack, many by prison guards when they began to riot upon hearing of the car bombs and mortars outside.

There have been many ppl accusing the Islamic state of being an Iranian agent or of being full of spies and some have accused Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi of being a spy himself (since he hasn’t shown his identity) while previous leaders have. I expect those voices to go silent after today.

Also news has emerged that the emir of Anbar Abu Qatada al Muhajir has also been freed. Across the border, Ahrar Al Sham has sent their congratulations to the Iraqi prisoners and those responsible for freeing them (ISIS).

- also news that 1 helicopter at the least has been shot down.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 30471196
United States
07/21/2013 10:27 PM
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Re: Huge prison break in Iraq shin this pit