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Message Subject If after THIS you still NOT believing that there's a cloning industry in Hollywood, you deserve to be bitchslapped.
Poster Handle AdHocBOHICA
Post Content
Thread: Still believing there's no cloning going on in Hollywood???

The other day I exposed Eva Green and Emily Blunt, whom can barely be distinguished from each other, though Green is 3 years older. Thus she should be the original DNA print.

But turns out that she is NOT.

Green and Blunt are clones of Gabrielle Anwar, who was in the Hollywood A-list in the early '90s and is more known by the epic tango scene with Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman".

Their uncanny resemblance is one the most, if not the scariest evidence of a cloning industry in Hollywood.

[link to p80i.img-up.net]
[link to f00i.img-up.net]

Anwar is 10/13 years older than her clones, and she's also British like Blunt. I made sure of also using a current picture of her, so that you can see that even now, with the age taking over, she still identical to Blunt and Green.

 Quoting: Ford Prefect

Bullshit......they are not the same. Fail.
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