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Message Subject If after THIS you still NOT believing that there's a cloning industry in Hollywood, you deserve to be bitchslapped.
Poster Handle Ford Prefect
Post Content
The similarities are not quite there. Are you perhaps visually impaired?
 Quoting: darkade

No this OP is a lunatic.

Look through his past threads.

You will see that he definitely needs some mental help.
 Quoting: Dr. Ben Schillen

Boy you got some serious guts to say "I need mental help", after having NO life whatsoever, besides acting like a deranged psychopath 24/7 spreading race-bait insanities.
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

As I said before. I just post news stories. You, post the delusions of certified lunatic, however.

Get help bro. Before it's too late. I am sure your government can pay for your meds to keep the voices in your head silent.
 Quoting: Dr. Ben Schillen

That's rich, a deranged psychopath absolutely controlled by infernal minions fed by hate, hate and more hate, talking about someone else's voices in the head.

Would be comic if it was not tragic!

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