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Message Subject Masons, Mind Control and Living in the Matrix - VIDEO
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
A month or so ago, I turned on the Drake show again, even though I had not listened to that man in over a year. I figured, hey, I will listen to him "just because." To see what's up, and if he's still around. Turns out, he has two new guests on his show every Wednesday, Tanaath and Sunfire. Tanaath can talk at great length with confidence about things that would make a regular person raise an eyebrow and assume she's insane. Me, I didn't know what to think. It's funny, she said everything you just said, pretty much, and a bit more.

What the hell is going on, here? Is this a coordinated mind job? How can all these people keep corroborating each others' story? Either there is some truth to it, or we're getting trolled on a massive scale.
 Quoting: MrUncreated

There is truth to it, that is why. I have no idea who those people you mention are, but more and more people are realizing what is really going on, and discovering the true nature of our Being and our Existence here, our origins and our destiny. Many people have written to me after I started publishing this information, to either share similar discoveries they have made themselves, or tell me about other people that have done so, as you are doing now. The truth can only be experienced, so I must urge you all to look within yourself, and explore reality around you, and verify what me and other such people are speaking about. In worst case, you will find that we just lied, and in best case, you will save your Soul.
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