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Message Subject Masons, Mind Control and Living in the Matrix - VIDEO
Poster Handle TruthMinion
Post Content
So, yes, I for one would loooooooooooove to see aliens arriving and putting an end on the CRIMINAL FARCE that is Freemasonry.

And NO. I don't think there are "good" guys and "bad" guys in masonry.

Masonry is ANTI-ETHICAL by principle.

It is very easy put blame on others for the SHITTY THINGS that masonry does.

Against the catholic church my ass!

In Brazil the RCC and Masonry are in bed together since I think it's discovery on the 22 of april of 1500.
 Quoting: TruthMinion

It is a ridiculous claim. The majority of Masons are good guys, who doesnt have a father, a grandfather, an uncle or a nephew or someone else in close family or circle of friends that is a mason? You are claiming that all these people are corrupt and unethical. People do not join Freemasonry because they want corruption, deceit and lies, they join it for the exact opposite, they want to understand themselves, help others, be good men, and do good deeds for society.

It is true that there is corruption within Freemasonry, as within ANY organized group, but that does not make every single person who is part of that group a "evil" or "bad" person. The "bad guys" are very few, the majority are normal people just like you and the rest in here. It is those few bad guys that have given the whole group a negative reputation, because it is THEIR actions you see in society and around you, and you are not aware of the good things going on by the rest of them.
 Quoting: SolarSon

I have. And he is one of the least honorable ones in my family.

First I really admired his persona.

But like most Masons, it was just persona.

I could say a lot about him, but I wont do it here. That is for sure.

And Masonry is responsible for Brazil since it's discovery. Brazil is a HORRIBLE country.

With the worse index levels of whatever kind.

The United States is Masonic and bombs every one to death whenever it feels like it. If not, they install dictatorships.

England, with Masonic Royalty, has the writings of Marquis de Sade to show how low the Masons of their time acted with their "brothers and sisters" in bed. Horrible stuff!

It inspired this director centuries later:

[link to www.criterion.com]

The director got killed for it.

Probably by Masons.

And you say that we have this forum here that we can "express our freedoms". We should thank it, because it could be worse.

Well, isnt that a contradiction? Masons are everywhere, and they are the ones who wrote on the American Constitution, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So wouldn't it be just INNER INTEGRITY to accept everyone of exercising their God's given rights of HUMAN EXPRESSION?

I don't get your reasoning!
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