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Message Subject Masons, Mind Control and Living in the Matrix - VIDEO
Poster Handle TheDude99
Post Content
I have a friend who is a master mason and I have been offered sponsorship by him.

But I am reluctant. What is it with Masons?

- Is it that you slowly give yourself over to a great evil being to gain great knowledge? (ie. to finally "get" how reality truly works and to manipulate it somehow and interact with spirits)

- By the time you are 32nd/33rd degree you find out, only too late?

- You have to sacrifice a goat and drink its blood to gain the 33rd degree?

- There are different orders, different lodges?

- Which lodges / orders have the true power that is used for good, not evil? Is it even possible to know?

My friend said there is nothing bad or evil, but he is 3rd degree blue lodge and has yet to go Scottish Rite or York rite. So he seems pretty low down on the totem pole... There are an awful lot of oddly negative things symbolized, including blood oaths, cutting of the neck gestures, severed head (9th degree), head on a spike (10th degree), etc. [link to web.mit.edu]

Can anybody help explain what is true amidst the lies and disinfo, to "illuminate" me, please? ;)

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