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Message Subject Is the Illuminati the Catholic Church???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The T*lmud teaches that even the best of the G*ntiles should be killed. Moreover, it teaches that Jesus is boiling in hell in his own excrement in Gitten 57a. The entire "holy" book teaches that outsiders are not even human and deserve to be completely enslaved or murdered. Pedophilia is accepted. Slavery is accepted as long as it not one of the t*ribe. In fact, it is this group that was responsible for the African-Atlantic slave trade. Is it a coincidence that this group claims to be I*srael yet are not the ancoent I*raelites but are rather Khazars, a people from modern Russia, Georgia and Ukraine-Gog and Magog. Think about this as you read

Rev. 2 : 9
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