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Message Subject Is the Illuminati the Catholic Church???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The entire "New World Order" is theirs- the term and the concept. Read Baruch Levy's correspondence with Marx. How is it they could ever own all the property of the earth like they are commanded to do for THEIR messiah? It seems impossible, does it not? Well, it is not impossible. This is why they are using financial systems that guarantee debt. It is a game that cannot be won EXCEPT for them. You OWE them interest just for using THEIR currency. There can never be enough currency to pay it back if it all comes with inherent interest. People are constantly in debt and have to constnatly work for a home and property they can never own in this system. That means the bank owns all that property. Who is it that makes up the banks. Contrarily to what our chosen friends and their shills like to suggest, it is NOT the Catholic Church.
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