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Message Subject Is the Illuminati the Catholic Church???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Vatican is Roman Catholic; this we know, don't we? Well, how come then that even Popes are Jews? The late Pope John Paul II, for example was Jewish, having a Jewish mother. And let us not forget that the first, original Pope, Peter, was of course Jewish [however, see the second paragraph beneath the List of Jewish Popes below for clarification]. Likewise, some other early Popes were from Jewish families as well, such as St. Zosimus (417-418); his father's name was Abram. Pope Evaristus (100-109) has also been mentioned as being Jewish, based upon the writings of Pope Pius V. [17]

Here is a more detailed list of more Jewish Popes throughout history:

Pope No. 211: Callistus III (1455-1458) Jew [18]
Pope No. 216: Alexander VI (1492-1503) Jew [18]
Pope No. 217: Pius III (1503) Jew [18]
Pope No. 219: Leo X (1513-1521) Jew [18]
Pope No. 221: Clement VII (1523-1534) Jew [18] (cousin of Leo X)
Pope No. 222: Paul III (1534-1549) Jew [18]
Pope No. 227: St. Pius V (1566-1572) Jew [18]
Pope No. 228: Gregory XIII (1572-1585) Jew [18]
Pope No. 262: Pius XII (1939-1958) Jew [19]
Pope No. 264: Paul VI (1963-1978) Jew [20]
Pope No. 266: John Paul II (1978-2001 or 2005) Jew [21]
Pope No. 268: ? (This would be the last pope in accordance to St. Malachy) [22]

Among the cardinals of the Catholic Church today there is a converted Jew, Cardinal Lustiger, the archbishop of Paris. There have been numerous articles about him in the Jewish press over the years and all have somehow raised the possibility that he someday could be pope. [16]

Despite the fact there was no such office or word as "pope" until about the fourth century and that Peter was neither Roman Catholic nor pope, commencing with Peter, the first ten popes were "Jews" of some description (Philip I by William Thomas Walsh, Shead & Ward London, 1938).

Some "Jewish" popes previous to Malachy's prophecy include, Zephyrin (199-217), Siricus (384-399), Hormidas (514-523), and Analdet II (1130-1138). (Gert Haendler: Kirchengeschichte, Evangelische Verlagsanstalt Berlin, 1980).

Conclusively, the "New Testament" of the Bible was authored and written by Jews. [23]

[link to www.illuminati-news.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43878863

Be careful here, brother. When you say J*w are you talking about Antipater, Herod, and a lot of those same people who lived in Judea not too long before Jesus? The people of the time of Christ that ruled were Edomites. They took on Judaism but not the Judaism most think. Many erroneously believe Jesus was teaching Judaism when in fact it is more appropriate to say the religion of he and his family was Hebrewism.

The people called J*ws today are from the lines of Herod. They are not related to Jesus biologically or spiritually. Brutus was the only Edomite of the twelve apostles. The other were Israelites including Peter. Saul, later Paul was one, strangely enough.

The truth is Jesus never was a &ew.

The J*wish encyclopedias attest to this themselves. They state clearly that is not accurate to call a contemporary J*w a Hebrew or Israelite. Rather, they are Esau, who was Jacob's brother.Jacob's lines are Iaraelites. Esau's lines are Edomites.

The nightmare that has ben occurring for nearly 70 years now, well before that, actually, is all based on a lie. This is no noble causr to return an exiled people back home. It is a coup, a conspiracy.

The ancestors of the people calling themselves Jews today are NT the ancient Israelite of the bible. They are Edau. They are Edom. They are Khazars. They are Edomites who have absolutely NO claim to the land. It is Satan and his army surrounding the city.
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