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Subject Humans almost leaving to space; will aliens allow them to leave without mass contact?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Likely; NO.
Humankind in our higher ups seem to very well lack in the understanding of the dangers of space travel.
[link to rt.com]
The day they create the first craft to be able to travel in space is the day their darkest bullshit will be crushed.
The aliens will not allow them to just up and leave without facing penalty for their acts in this world.
That's bullshit and completely contradicts multiple said galactic laws.
Would aliens allow child kidnappers access to the stars? To take children accross the vast sea of space itself to rape and torture them?
Would aliens really allow those who spray chemicals; those who poison civilians like lab rats with GMOs and pestacides to let that shit spread into their beautiful universe?
Would they really allow a species so stupid in their highest military orders that they would actually attempt to invade a said alien planet for the only reason; they may exist and possibly "pose a threat" lmfao. I don't believe it possible.
If humans attacked any other species their fleets would get whiped out like shit stains in a washing machine.
The US knows this; they also know first contact and alien dominion over humankind is coming in the time the western world hits that EMP field.
Aliens already fight chemtrails; there has been footage of them doing black Ops into area 51 itself. Stealing nuclear materials. Hacking and turning off all nuclear bombs in america.
The US also knows if they stop trying to reach space they will be outran by the russians who will dominate space first thus giving them a distinct advantage over america and alliance with china and germany will thrive.
All their illuminati activity is being erased swiftly; this is their own karma coming back to haunt them in their darkest realm easily.
America can only reverse the evils they've done.
They continue though; cut funds to space travel.
They can't stop it though in any way.
Nope their on a path of virtually unstoppable proportions.
Their only solution is to dig their way out and correct their wrongings before they would be allowed access to the stars.Idol1
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