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Subject Sorry, "Illuminati": NO major disaster or "doom" will happen in 2013. And no, I'm NOT going to die in 2013.
Poster Handle Da Boss
Post Content
I would like to tell the "Illuminati" guys that, no matter how hard they try, no major disaster or "doom" will happen in 2013.

No deadly pandemics, no World War 3, no global economic collapse, no mega natural disaster.

And also, I don't have any plans to die in 2013. I won't die in 2013. Me and the people I care about will survive 2013 with no damage.

So, give up guys.

The best that you will get in the 13th year of the millenium is a Pope resignation for the first time in 600 years, and the birth of a future INSIGNIFICANT King of England.

Nothing more.

You're losers.

I'm boss.

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