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Message Subject Lawmakers want "Atheist Chaplains" in the military
Poster Handle Wylfdane
Post Content
My husband is in the military. A chaplain is someone you can go to, to talk about your problems, and find a solution that works best for you. A chaplain is also someone you go to when you are having moral issues. So if the military is trying to make a position for an "Atheist Chaplain" then they are just trying to glorify a therapist for the ones who have no faith in anything other than themselves and are too afraid to go see a real therapist.

I am just glad they aren't getting rid of chaplains all together. We needed our chaplain while we were stationed in Germany and had something horrific happen to our family while we were there.
 Quoting: Brandywine84

Something horrific? I'm sorry to hear that. God bless your husband and your family. I won't delve into your personal affairs if you don't wish to share over the internet...
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