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Message Subject Lawmakers want "Atheist Chaplains" in the military
Poster Handle Brandywine84
Post Content
I am just glad they aren't getting rid of chaplains all together. We needed our chaplain while we were stationed in Germany and had something horrific happen to our family while we were there.
 Quoting: Brandywine84

"Something horrific" needs to be clarified and explained.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11330901

You really want to know my personal pains? Ok. We had been stationed in Stuttgart for 3 weeks. I took my 2 children outside to play in the park behind our barracks. My son (7) was playing soccer, while my daughter (4) was playing on the jungle gym. We had been outside for almost a half an hour when my son yelled my name to show me a trick he was doing by kicking the ball on his knee. I watched his trick for about half a minute and turned back to watch my daughter who was going down the slide. When I looked back, she was gone. I screamed, I yelled, I ran all over the park, over and over and over and couldnt find her. I ran around the barracks thinking she may have wandered off, but she couldnt get far because I was only turned away for half a minute.

None of the children who were playing at the park could tell me which way she went. After a half an hour of searching she ran out naked, screaming and crying. A 14 year old boy grabbed her and drug her to the basement of the barracks which should have been locked and molested her.

The kicker, the reason needed my chaplain, I called the cops rather than dragging this little pervert out by his neck and beating him to a pulp. The police there turned it over the the german police. Even though, this happened on a US Army base. The german police claim that since the teenager was under the age of 15 they wouldnt do anything about it. Nothing. And the military couldnt do anything about it since they had to turn it over to the german police. It was a flipping mess.

The really fun part. The super duper in your face awesome part. The teenager lived RIGHT BEHIND me. Everytime I wanted to go outside, go to the doctor, go pick up my son from school, go to the bx, commissary, anywhere... I saw his smug little face. My kids couldnt go play outside. I couldnt leave my house, because if I did, I would have ended up in prison.

When I told my neighbors about it, because what freaking parent wouldnt??? I got hit with a gag order. When I asked to move, I was told that was out of the question.

So there, thats my horrific story. It took 5 months, 2 congressmen, and my chaplain saying it was in the best interest of my sanity to get us back to the states.

Thankfully, now, it has been a year and a half, and my daughter is doing better. She lost all sense of boundaries after she was molested. She has been seeing her therapist, and now is a normal little girl. She has forgotten it mostly, except when she wakes up screaming at night. It hasnt happened in a few months though. She never remembers why she is screaming when she finally comes to. We have a long road ahead of us.

Not to mention my son who blamed himself for the longest time. He too saw a therapist for a while about it. We never once blamed him, nor did we ever make him feel as though we did. It was tragic it happened, but there wasnt anyhting we could have done to prevent that little monster from doing what he did.

A few months after we left... he did it again to another little girl at the same park. Go figure.
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