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Message Subject Lawmakers want "Atheist Chaplains" in the military
Poster Handle Brandywine84
Post Content
A few months after we left... he did it again to another little girl at the same park. Go figure.
 Quoting: Brandywine84

I take it the 14-year-old was the son of American military personnel. Did your husband work with his father?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11330901

Yes his father was military himself. He was a master sergeant. I still to this day dont know why the military didnt do anything at all about it.

He did work with him, but they worked different shifts. My husband couldnt say anything. He was pulled into a room with the base commander, head of the security forces, his first shirt, a 4 star, and 3 star, and was told to keep his mouth shut.

We were all in our own little prison. And it didnt help that my husband was too afraid to stand up for his child to even dare say anything. ( I am still working on my anger about that)
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