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Message Subject After 30 years of wonder. My first UFO sighting.
Poster Handle Paved In Chaos
Post Content
Tool...i have some questions. I take you serious.

Did you ever used taro. cards or something other esoteric practices in the past months ?

-I recently was given a brief tarot card reading by a member here on GLP. It was surprisingly accurate. But nothing major. It was my first reading.

Do you drink coffee ? Doing some kinds of normal drugs or other ? Are you a loving type of person ?

-Coffee very seldom. Not in the past month. I don't really like caffeine. No other drugs.

Did this have an impact on your worldview ?

Well, it definetly lifted my spirits. In a positive way. I have had this strong feeling since the sighting of "Don't sweat the small stuff." I have a bad habit of dwelling on things that bother me. Worry often about my life, my son, my marriage. Even though things are generally OK.
Also I had a feeling of being protected by this craft. Not me personally, but the world in general.

Was some feeling or inner voice deep inside of you
giving you some hint .. like.... see...shit is real ?

This is what I enjoyed most, I felt as if I was passing a friendly stranger and mutually exchanged a little nod, or tip of the hat. "Hey there bud.". I even said aloud, "awe, comeback. I want to see you again :)"

Was is like this one ?

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43946368

I'll go check this out now
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