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Message Subject After 30 years of wonder. My first UFO sighting.
Poster Handle Paved In Chaos
Post Content
Hard for me to compare, but yes similarities.

Though the one I saw the middle bowed out like.. Not a lot, but it wasn't a perfect cigar shape like in this video. Also, there were no lights or glow to it and It wasn't moving around side to side like this video. It was pointed in the direction it was traveling and it was really moving at a good clip for how high it was in the sky.

I can't express in words how different it moved compared to an airplane flying though. It was so smooth and looked weightless.

Idk if you have ever seen those youtube videos of experiments where they place a super cooled metal on a row of magnets and it will float and glide so effortlessly across the magnets?

That's exactly how it looked to me, but the crafts massive size and how it moved truly put my Jaw in my lap.

AC, do you think this video is authentic? It's a cool video for sure.
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