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Michael Hastings NOT the first... JUST SAYIN'

Let Freedom Ring 365

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07/24/2013 09:58 AM

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Michael Hastings NOT the first... JUST SAYIN'
Check out the similarities:

Coincidence? You decide...

Jeff Soriano, who witnessed the Va. tech massacre, was promptly killed in a mysterious car crash five days later. What did he see? Many witnesses reported a 6-foot tall gunman incongruous with the patsy Seung Cho. (CNN report and comments)

Virginia Tech Student Survives Shooting, Dies In Crash 23 Apr 2007
A Virginia Tech freshman who returned home with his family after last week's campus massacre was killed in a car crash, his father [Enrique Soriano] confirmed Sunday.

Jeff Santodomingo Soriano, 18, died from his injuries Friday in a Norfolk, Va., hospital after he was pulled from the wreckage of his burning vehicle, police said.

Jeff Soriano's vehicle flipped several times and struck a tree, investigators said. Family members who witnessed the accident told WTKR TV that Soriano was speeding and racing [from] another car when the accident happened. They said the person he was 'racing' fled the scene after the accident.

Things that make u go hmmm....
You are the creator of your own master plan... Make it a good one.

Wake the fuk up and be ready... This is absolutely no time to be stupid!