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Did Sandy Hook gunmen tell students in Soto's room to run?

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United States
07/24/2013 06:05 PM
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Did Sandy Hook gunmen tell students in Soto's room to run?
Who told Soto's students to run?

Depending on your source, there were anywhere from five to nine students in Soto's class who "ran past Adam" as he was shooting, escaping down the road away from the school where they were picked up by someone or ended up in Gene Rosen's house.

According to a local politician whose wife said she picked up some of Soto's kids, the children said, "Someone is trying to kill us. We were told to run."

[link to memoryholeblog.com]

But who told them to run?

Not Miss Soto - according to reports, she was trying to get the kids into closets, under desks, and behind her. And it's not lockdown protocol for kids to run out of a room - rightly or wrongly, they're supposed to stay put.

Was it another teacher, or one of the aides who told them to run?

Is it possible the gunmen--who by this time had allegedly shot all but one of Rousseau's students--were having second thoughts? Did the gunmen tell the children to run?