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But I see it much simpler:

An elite that is moving energy from the broad masses towards their blood and friends united in the quest to maintain the status quo.


Some maybe occultists..some just want all the stuff.. some eat children..some aliens maybe.. some evil people..some greedy.. some with a 1000 year plan...

They control each other trying to maintain an equlibrium so they dont fall of.

Saying they are the illuminati or nazis is what they like you to believe. Easy to hide behind these names.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44015154

AHH i see and agree
how to combat?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43593873

Thats giving energy to their cause. They are masters in using your combat for their cause.
Connect with like minded people. Educate yourself and others about what positive things you can do.
Avoid their system(their products).
Local independence is key while staying in contact with other locals in other local locations.

This means for example:
Learning from others or setting an example on how to take over the local water supply.(physical, political etc.)
Educating and connecting farmers in using local natural crops.

They are trying to control from the top down. The counter measurement is controlling from a wide base.

Once the sheep(the majority) see and feel the real benefits of working together they will follow.

In theory americans have the best political system/constitution available to a big country on earth!

A few wise people could easily take over both houses.

(thats why they work on dumbing down america so americans cant use what they have)
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