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Message Subject Illuminati Celebrities that went Gay for Fame!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At some point in a Dave Chapelle interview about Hollyweird, he discloses that every male actor that wants his career to take off MUST take a role where he wears a dress (not sure why but it must be to promote the gay agenda, all I can figure) and he refused to go that far.

So the other day I tried to think of all the big name male actors and wondered who all had actually worn a dress in a leading movie or tv role and their careers took off after that. Here is who I could recall off the top of my head (if any of you think of more, add to the thread):

Tom Hanks: "Bossom Buddies"
Dustin Hoffman: "Tootsie"
Robin Williams: "Mrs. Doubtfire"
Wesley Snipes: "To Wong Foo"
Patrick Swayze: "To Wong Foo"
Martin Lawrence: "Big Mama's House"
Eddie Murphy: "Norbit"
John Travolta: "Hairspray"
Adam Sandler: "Jack and Jill"

I'm sure there are others if you can think of them. This must be a long standing tradition. Even Charlie Chaplin played a woman!
[link to www.youtube.com]
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