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Message Subject HOLY SHIT....Sarah Palin On Fox: I Was Forbidden From Telling The Truth About Obama
Poster Handle NomadSoul
Post Content
You bet cha I'd hammer that sweet ass for all I was worth, till my pecker fell off... then I'd glue it back on and go in for round TWO!

And I also don't care what you 'liberal shitbags' think, either...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 718510

So, let me get this straight... lusting after female politicians and talking about how you would have your way with them... makes you conservative?

See how retarded this gets?
 Quoting: StarPath

Conservatives lusting after a female politician = LOL x 1000

I saw a wildlife filmstrip about their mating habits, and learned a few things:

1. It's a scientific fact that Conservatives only have sex 2-3 times in their life, the way Jesus intended, for procreation only. Because doing it recreationally is a sin, a dirty, dirty sin.

2. When those rare occasions do come along, it's strictly missionary, in the dark with no kissing or touching, and must never be mentioned in the light of day.

3. When their buried, suppressed lust finally does break free, it's usually aimed at a young male.

When you hear a religious, conservative man talk about family values in public, that's code for "I can't wait until the next Promise Keepers meeting so I can bury my little bishop in some man fanny"
 Quoting: Lionelfrankenstein 43475729

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