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Message Subject Snowden reveals "Kill Shot" info???
Poster Handle Oakleyboy1975
Post Content
I heard about this a year ago in 2012 from Coast to Coast AM RADIO. On an interview with Major Dames (AKA DR DOOM). He said nothing was going to happen in 12/21/2012 but he did say we should worry about 2013. About the killshot and Famine. Remote viewing story from Snowden was true..IF!! Snowden really said what he said about this??? Even without Snowden. Some of us already knew about the Killshot a long time ago and already begun preparing for it. Just stock up on food and water. Keep in mind also to prepare for people who may try to break in to your house to steal your resources. Like the skeptics who says this is not true. Even if its not true.. You may never know...I would rather be prepared and for it not to happen than For it to happen and you are not prepared. Always expect the worst and hope for the best. Be Safe out there...
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