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Pentagon considering separate training for women

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User ID: 41730741
United States
07/27/2013 08:02 PM
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Pentagon considering separate training for women
"Though the armed services have promised that combat standards will be the same regardless of gender, senior officers are considering initially separate training systems...

“We don’t start teaching the [occupations] there. Our boot camp is about the transformation of individuals, men and women, from being a civilian to being a United States Marine,” he said.

He continued by saying that “They need to be nurtured different,” but assuring listeners that, “They end up in the same place, the United States Marines.”

While the Marines were the first service to allow women to serve in combat roles, they were expected to undergo the same officer combat qualification course as men.

Of the six women who entered, all have dropped out due to injury or failure."

[link to dailycaller.com]

I leave you all to draw your own conclusions about the place of women in the combat zone.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 43592802
United States
07/27/2013 10:58 PM
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Re: Pentagon considering separate training for women
i dont think a seperate program will happen. the fems will cry foul, but if it does i see a large intial washout rate demonstrated by the first six who tried out. im sure it will eventually become accepted and more commonplace
, like the noncombat roles now. ive seen reports of men saying noncombat women soldiers have performed admirably when incidentally exposed to combat.