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That 'everything about TV thread' 13 part series.**Here Now the News....``She killed for love. Details at Six.''

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05/03/2006 10:51 AM
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That 'everything about TV thread' 13 part series.**Here Now the News....``She killed for love. Details at Six.''
This got lost in the hack attack here. Bugger, so here it is again.

Everything you need to know about television.
All 13 part links below

Enjoy, others here will remember this.

"We'll take a look at a typical sports crowd.

{You're watching a professional hockey game. Sitting next to
you are an accountant and a school teacher, each in declining
middle age. Below you is a teenage couple; over to the side
is a banker, and just behind you are a couple of lawyers, with
their young sons.

It's a close game. ``Knock that bum down,'' screams the lawyer,
``Don't let him skate like that.''

``Kill him,'' screams the lawyer's young son. ``Put the body
on him.''

A fight breaks out on the ice between two players. The crowd
rises, cheering wildly as the home team player lands punch after
punch, bloodying his opponent. The lawyers cheer the loudest.
The announcement of penalties is greeted with more cheers for
the home team combatant, as the referees escort the players
to the penalty boxes.

Finally, the action begins again. A home team player breaks
in for a clear shot on goal. The little black puck shoots into
the net behind the opposing goalie. A goal. Lights flash all
around and pandemonium breaks out in the crowd. The banker gets
so excited that he spills his beer all over the teenage couple.
Everyone is laughing. Everyone is happy, as they celebrate the
home team's goal.}

Was there any difference in the behavior in that crowd of the
adults and the children? Not really. What has been described
is a common example of the {mass infantilism} that we have referred

Now think for a moment about the televised football game we
described earlier. The person described was not {in} a crowd
per se, but was watching a televised game in his living room.
{Yet he displayed the same kind of emotional responses as if
he were present at the stadium}. This demonstrates the power
of televised sports to induce behavior in what the brainwashers
call an {extended crowd}."

[link to www.etext.org]
[link to www.etext.org]
[link to www.etext.org]
[link to www.etext.org]
[link to www.etext.org]
[link to www.etext.org]
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[link to www.etext.org]
[link to www.etext.org]
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[link to www.etext.org]