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Japanese Communism on the Rise – Tokyo to Re-Arm

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26309172
United States
07/27/2013 10:09 PM
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Japanese Communism on the Rise – Tokyo to Re-Arm
Why is Japan intent on re-arming? Well, once it could rely on the US military to protect the country from Russia, China and North Korea.

With Obama at the helm, that guarantee is becoming increasingly untrustworthy. Every other US ally is now in the same predicament. Re-arm, or make your peace with the Evil Axis.

Japan’s communists will of course block Japanese re-armament, because they are more loyal to Russia, China and North Korea, than they are to their own country.

The more Obama cries peace, the closer the planet edges to military holocaust.

[link to www.trevorloudon.com]