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Message Subject 10,000 Pages of Australian UFO Document
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pine Gap (northern Australia) is a massive base, n fully bunkered. Its US run though they say its a joint base. I've read somewhere its used as an *alien R&R facility, apparently it's exhausting work dealing with humans lol I dunno, n 1 of many bases around the world all similar to Area51

*my theory is Roswell story and claims of an alien crashing to earth may well have happened, I've never thought this till I reconsidere4 the possibility that it was Satan or an evil spirit cast to earth as was prophecy in revelations, possible?

From there he has manipulated any who have come in contact with him and his ever expanding army, they're breeding underground (area51 n around mexico) apparently.

The goal is to crush mans spirit, turn them from GOD and destroy their faith in Jesus.

If Roswell alien was Satan and its written he has 1 hour of reign over the earth (100 years) we got a lot of shit still to come, and a hell of a lot of doomsday threads.

Don't lose faith, don't let them crush your spirit. We have a long and rough road ahead.
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