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Message Subject Calling OTO members
Poster Handle OP
Post Content
To the members. You have choice while breath in your body. Choose life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40052477

life under blood/sex ritual./?

take yer deluded Canadian arse and peddle yer Hegelian dialect elsewhere...
 Quoting: fs 44235048

and what did that gain you? except pain when you think about it, wake up...yes there is deliverance even for you for all...
do I really need to sit here and tell you what and how it is...if you are higher up you know what I am talking about
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41127795

Ok, this is just my impression. First thing I notice is Uranus and Rahu (N.Node) in Scorpio in the eighth. Occult ability on a global scale with potential to impact masses of people. Revolutionary and explosive. Finances have potential for huge gain then devastating loss, continual rollercoaster for $$.

Then, many planets in Libra in the seventh of partnership, a strong impulse to balance and partner, achieve equilibrium. When combined w/ eighth house influence, again affects the masses, wants to balance the world.

Leading energy of Neptune at mid-heaven, thereís the destiny, and being in Sagittarius it will affect many and in a good way even if unconventionally arrived at. Donít let others judge you, as you do know what you are doing.

All that intensity is bucketed on one side and the balance is held by the Moon with Jupiter. This makes Moon ultra-important for you. Aries is a lovely placement but you already have a sort of explosive constitution, so see that you keep your emotions lofty and donít descend to revenge EVER. That would bring a swift karmic slap and drain all your beautiful energetics away.

What is soooo applause special is the global possibilities for your influence. Thatís the destiny.

P.S. you havenít forgotten, itís being veiled. Time is coming soon, so do NOT wear yourself out with anxieties of the mind, wondering what and when. Nature is elegant in its simplicity, something you (we, all) would do well to emulate, and time is coming. Be where your feet are. You are not organizing the universe, just playing in it. There is an Organizer.

wow, this AC's analysis is beautiful. if they're still on the thread, i'd love to connect with them. i posted my blog site above.

a few things to add for the OP-

the dreams and visions are related to Neptune by the Midheaven and Jupiter at 1 Gemini by the Imum Coeli at the chart's base. The line from the Imum Coeli to the Midheaven (the thick line going diagonally through the chart) is one way to chart the pathway from your origins in the galactic realms and other lifetimes towards your destiny in the public sphere or on display in this lifetime. Nearby your origins you have Jupiter, the planet which some feel its presence as a 'guardian angel', as if it has come with you from a past life. this presence may also be related to a sibling or have a brother/sister feel to it, as if someone is right by your side and urging you on with love and no competition. In gemini Jupiter can also bring communication with higher realms through dreams or intuition.

Neptune at the midheaven, in addition to what the AC wrote, indicates that your dreams are prophetic and carry specific guidance for you to chart your course through life. your imagination and dreams also carry messages for the world at large. Jupiter in Gemini will guide you and give you the words to express this in the form of prophecies of peace and reconciliation between G-d and man, and not of war.

on the kabbalistic calendar you were born on sabbath afternoon, which is the most potent time of the week for prayer and supplication aimed at the highest orders of divine compassion. a verse from the Torah read on this day is: "Your own eyes saw the great miracles, signs and wonders." (Deuteronomy 29:2)
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