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Message Subject Calling OTO members
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If it had begun we in the states would know first. I am no master but I can contact one if I am presented with a good enough reason.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39450765

It has begun and your masters know this. Ask them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40052477

I will ask soon.

According to your knowledge when will we see the effects?

Quick question to verify your authenticity. "Who is He whose Pylons are of Flame, whose walls of Living Uraei, and the flames of whose House are streams of Water?" What must the initiate reply after Thoth asks this question?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39450765

google says the answer is osiris lol

[link to books.google.nl]

Self-Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition
 Quoting: T-Man

Regarding the birth chart I posted for earlier this is what was read,

Ruach hakodesh can manifest in one who has activated the messianic point..

The feminine receptacle for Mashiach is associated with Shekinah

Quoting: rachel3108

So based on my chart Rachel who would you say I am or will embody inthe coming years. Who does my chart represent as far as revelation is concerned?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40381004

Do you know about the blood moons of 2014-2015? Based on Jupiter's transits I believe your revelation is connected with this cycle. You can read about it here or on the sites I link to in this article: [link to kabbalastrology.wordpress.com]

After the blood moon on Passover 2015, you will be completing your inner work. Between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av your higher self will come to light and have expression in the outside world. This will happen around July of 2015 when Jupiter crosses into the 7th house.

Read here about the revelation of the Ba'al Shem Tov, who was born two days after you on the Kabbalistic calendar: [link to www.meaningfullife.com] He was hidden for 40 years and revealed at the time of sunrise on the sixth day of creation, or three quarters of the way through the sixth millenium (1740), as prophecized by the Zohar. He went from nobody schoolteacher to miracle worker and leader when the time came.

Your revelation will have to do with making peace between traditions (planets in Libra, MC in Sagittarius) through the bringing forth of new layers of traditional texts (IC in Gemini). It is a good idea to spend the rest of your incubation period studying, beginning with the Bible, and moving into the esoteric layers. (Study can also hasten the revelation, as Torah preceded time)

Your north node conjunct Uranus in the 8th house opposite Moon and Chiron in Taurus indicates a past life wound which is at odds with your soul purpose and which you will alchemize as part of the fulfillment of your mission. The mission of your soul is very high as the north node is linked with Uranus which represents the crown of the tree of Life. The Moon in Taurus is associated with the creation of the world and the generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before the formation of the Israelite nation. Chiron indicates a wound which will turn into a source of strength. It could be that your past life is connected with the book of Genesis in some way. You may have come back to bridge a rift between Israel and the early nations mentioned in the stories of Abraham and Melkizedek. When you realize that the role you played in other lives was part of the divine plan, and resolve wholeheartedly to do teshuva or complete return in this lifetime, you have the power to turn the sins of kings and nations and entire periods of history into merits and thus make the world worthy in the eyes of Heaven and hasten the revelation.

Your Chiron is at 1 Taurus which on the Tree of Life is parallel to the Tiferet of Malchut. Tiferet is represented by the biblical patriarch Jacob. Malchut is the feminine presence, Shekhinah, and the Ruach HaKodesh. This relates to the experience you are carrying from a past life and the basis from which you emerge to move towards your soul mission in this lifetime. The Tiferet of Malchut is the Sun within the Moon, the masculine within the feminine, the chosen one within the holy spirit. Taurus was also the sign of the Bull and was expressed at the sin of the golden calf when the Israelites waited for their leader to descend from the mountain and turned to a statue instead. This statue represented Tiferet, beauty, of the other side, as they yearned for Malchut, the holy spirit, of Moses. It could also be that you carry a wound from this traumatic experience of turning to external beauty while waiting for true revelation. The rectification of this is bringing the material world into service of the higher truth, through blessing food, giving charity, creating a family, using wealth for the dissemination of knowledge, etc. Rather than asceticism, explore how lifting the sparks of the material world serves to express G-d's dominion over the body and world of matter as well, expressing the ultimate truth of oneness.

The past can also be rectified by acquiring a deeper understanding (node in Scorpio) of how the pitfalls and stumbling blocks of the moments when revelation was blocked served to bring in higher levels of revelation and compassion into the universe and thus demonstrate how all serves the ultimate good, as known by the Divine Will (Keter). In our time too, it is easy to judge the world. There is a deeper way, the way of the Jewish mystics and true seers of all traditions, who know that G-d's dominion is hidden to such a degree that even the challenge to holiness serves to advance the ultimate purpose. This deeper layer of reality is accessed through Torah study, which brings forth Chesed - lovingkindness, and judges the world favorably.

Yearly beginning from the end of August through the winter solstice will be a period of relative revelation and action, peaking at the end of November when the sun crosses your midheaven. On the Kabbalistic calendar this is also the new year for the revelation of new mystical secrets that hasten the messianic era. By increasing Torah study throughout the year this time becomes all the more potent. The Rebbe's words for 4 Scorpio, the degree of your north node-Uranus, is "the atmosphere of the home becomes an atmosphere of Torah and piety." This is the true meaning of the building of the third temple, right within our own very midst.

Hope this helps ;)
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