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Message Subject Calling OTO members
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Mr. Adams search for LS ART Gallery in Facebook look for the picture the painter has posted 5 hours ago (the one called 'The Secret' in process.... ). It's connected. Now what is she (the divine feminine ) holding in her hands (the division process in this reality has started). Liliana Stanailova (the author) is not drawing this by herself, she is an organic portal ( I know her and those who control her ), their time is up, ours also.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41042061

that's what it say the chart my chart I mean and everything else that has happened to me including the prophecies etc...right now im in the process of collecting my assets and keeping humble moving forward and concentrating on my studies with the torah and some esoteric knowledge...other than that....prayer and ceremony walking in spirit more and more daily being one with my brother who sent me here..
my time is not up yet it will be at some point only the creator knows when but I do have a mission ehre like everyone else and I have to complete it in order to get home to my true family, I have to fulfill teshuva and move forward I seriously never want to incarnate again...tired and time for everlasting peace
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41863920

also I forgot to mention...from what I will be fighting the dragon....and well I suppose time will tell, but I don't really know how to fight dragons, or evil just pray Im not strong enough as a human I will allow THE FATHER to deal with satan
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