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Message Subject Calling OTO members
Poster Handle OP
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Yes, the poor girl dreams to be an artist, always draws herself in the center but the main concept always comes from another entity. She is not an artist, she is a very long time servant with a dark past and future. She serves them well so she is allowed to paint, given the illusions of beauty and luxury(search for her personal page Liliana Stanailova, you will see more). The painting is symbolic, the timing, not a coincidence,it's like a spell, they are preparing, you should prepare also (if you want to play the real game, not the game of the servants).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41042061

I will take a look more.

Preparation. It is difficult to prepare for something you don't know what to prepare for.

Checking out her personal page now.
 Quoting: Septenary Spirals

Every photo or picture she posts, all is symbolic as is her looks and her name - Liliana, Лиляна (in Bulgarian),a servant of Lilith (she is marked all over). But now, more important, what you have to prepare for, prepare not to be servant of this reality anymore, prepare to be conscious without attachments, break away, they will attack you with fear,feelings and family, they want to take as many servants during the separation as they can, this is their game this is all they play (and they will play to infinity). If one will not believe me, this girl is the living proof, one of the best living examples.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41042061

well the whole point is that Christ died on the cross and raised the consciousness of men all men and women but he was the first adam and the last adam, it is finished however eve is the first woman and she also must raise the consciousness of women to meet her groom adam...eve fell and has been with her people Israel since the beginning in exile eve, will be raised as per revelation 12 and her incarnation in this life revelation 12 13, the dragon wants to kill her and attacks her with flood waters tornados etc...because when eve turns into the shekinah the holy dove or spirit of God the throne of God she will bring judgement on the dragon and his followers there will be no more room for them to do what they are doing, so each time she has incarnated they have tried to kill her and have done so successfully
however this is her last incarnation and they know it is the end for them hence the gentleman s statement regarding that she represents their demise
 Quoting: OP 41863920

in this incarnation eve will win against the serpent and so will her seed AKA 144k that are martyred, when the evil one who was worshipped soo long before as BAAL ends creating the abomination of desecration which is the sacrificial death of eve or whoever she inhabits which is the woman in 12 13 that is when Christ her groom comes back and all hell breaks loose and the dragon is pretty much blow asunder as with his followers
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