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Message Subject Playing Deus Ex, and stumbled across an exerpt about the illuminati
Poster Handle Dr. Neuk
Post Content
[link to cloud-2.steampowered.com]

This was a screenshot that I took while playing deus ex on pc a while ago, thought it was interesting that it showed up in the game.. was going to share it ages ago, but forgot.

I love seeing when "they" put stuff similar to this in main stream media. Not sure if it's an attempt to make a difference and help people realize the truth, or to numb the masses even more to it. As it's "just a video game" nothing in it can be factual.... right?.... right guys?...
 Quoting: Dr. Neuk

Yea the Illuminati is like a new fad, a lot of this stuff is is super trendy right now especially the iconography. Who knows maybe the guys who worked on the game are GLPers or some such thing.
 Quoting: Nerve03

I do hear mention of it more frequently as of late. Not sure if awareness or numbness.. I still think most people are too stupid to think about anything that isn't blatantly in their face, and even then...

I would like to think there's more people "like us" out there.. But quite frankly people are so incredibly stupid, I have trouble conversing with them in person.
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