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DREAM: Stolen horses, Alien-Human-Hybrid-Invasion followed by Zombie Apocalypse

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44300536
07/30/2013 09:06 AM
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DREAM: Stolen horses, Alien-Human-Hybrid-Invasion followed by Zombie Apocalypse
Never had one like this.

Big Rockfestival-Party interrupted because of the bad message: 3 Horses are missing.

Everybody i ever met, hopped over to this huge house of a friend of mine. His daddy was pissed.

Actually these 3 horses were stolen by my ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (pagan hippies), who got hypersexual drugged under weed and speed. Successfully made a child 8 weeks after last meet >2years ago (real-life).

My friend wanted to horses to leave. Many knew about it and shut their mouth. Daddy was so pissed, he shaved his beard after decades and declared divorce from my Friends Mommy.

The Air was hot, but most of the ca. 100 people were bored.

My last ex-girlfriend was more in the background shapeshifting to a sweet white female dog and back all the time, sucking my hands with her tongue in dog-mode.

I looked outside and the summer evening sky was filled with UFOs coming down slowly. 300meters, 200meter, above the house. Of course i reacted loud to wake those ignorant folks up. Some people confirmed it and from then on: Panic. Stupid reactionary panic started.

My doggy-ex girlfriend was human and took the first stupid hideout, she came across and told me to join: You come with me or you will die - i said to her - knowingly: this is the last we will see us.

The first alien had smaller head than the typical greys, was dressed in a fancy dark-red suite, with shoes and acted like a 20years old Teen. It was starting a conversation with me. Something it seems to have learned for this mission, which was stupid as fuck.
Of course i took an iron rod and punched it into his 3rd eye.

I managed to reached with some other guys&one friend a old Volkswagen Bus and we got on the autobahn into the city.

I was trying to convince them - that this was such a stupid idea in this situation, but they wanted to fun of the Zombie-Apocalypse so bad - AH..

Of course guns were there and somehow this slow old Bus, was a moving death station covered in barbed wire.

Streets were messy, cars everywhere...near to impossible to coming through. We switched to more anarchy GTA style driving and got stopped by our own hollywood-delusions.
Well --the bus had not the power do drive truh big fences.

End of story.

Hope you had fun reading this shit.

What was my soul trying to say ?
Or was is it all scripted by aliens ?
Well than thank you. I had fun.

Any interpretations are welcome.