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Subject Whats with all this Illuminati imagery shit in all these music videos??????? whos behind the stage shit?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lets see.. 2 of my favorite bands... Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode's latest album and tour is full of this strange Illuminati heavy symbolism.. blatant and weird and they never did that before. Just look at some of the artwork and photography from the new album and the tour sets.

Now.. Pet Shop Boys... I am shocked. Their new album "Electric". Check out the video for "Axis"...... WTF?!?!??! IS THAT ALL ABOUT?????? Fuckin devil dancing around triangular signs and masonic symbolisms being made into laser decor.. and weird ass creepy shadow beings.. you'll see. just look it up.

And... the new FRanz ferdinand video "love illumination"... its just obvious.

i dunno bout FF.. but depeche and pet shop boys i cannot even imagine them being into that shit. at all. unless they are playing a shot AT the illuminati shit. and being ironic.
i can totally see PSB doing that.
just weird, is all.

The new will.i.am and britney spears video is also smothered in the shit, but WTF is with the FF and PSB vids????????????

Who... is behind that? again, i cannot see psb or depeche being into any of that crap. it would not make any sense... and would very much so upset me if they were...
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