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What is the best book to learn about the occult?

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United States
08/01/2013 04:28 PM
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Re: What is the best book to learn about the occult?
The real esoteric shit you learn it from somebody. Books you can buy are exoteric information. Due to karma recommending a book that can affect your consciousness is to much responsibility. Be sincere n you will find what you seek for your development.
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United States
08/01/2013 04:42 PM

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Re: What is the best book to learn about the occult?

That's because most people don't use critical thinking. There is no point in trying to explain how things really are to most people, because they already have their mind made up. I suppose that is the reason for knowledge that "is meant only for certain people" or that "must be kept hidden"

By the way, I thought you were an athiest? Perhaps I am wrong, but I seem to remember reading a post or two of yours that suggested that.

 Quoting: I am he that is I

Not certain which posts you are referring to but I do not identify with 'atheism'. I just do not subscribe to the commonly accepted conceptualizations of the term 'God' - as an externalized, personified deity/entity with human-like traits/characteristics that exists somewhere else and separate from all of creation.

My thoughts/feelings/beliefs would probably align more closely with some ideas found in deism, pantheism, pandeism, etc - although I do not identify exclusively with those schools of thought or claim those labels/titles. I am very spiritually-minded and prefer to explore/consider various schools of thought and I will choose to relate to that which resonates or speaks to my heart. I guess with some people (not suggesting you here) if you do not accept their version or conceptualization of the term 'God' - then they are likely to perceive of you or label you as an atheist. In fact I've run into that quite a bit on here.

I do not read texts about the 'occult' that individuals often refeernce, but I just wanted to comment above about about the psychological reaction to the term as it relates to many individuals' perception of it. My interests are studying the nature of consciousness & the human mind, emotions, transpersonal psychology, and exploring ideas about the nature of this 'reality' (quantum theory, holographic universe theory, etc).


Fair enough. By 'athiest' I was just referring to one who does not believe in intelligent design, but rather that our universe is the result of some random 'accident'. I do not 'believe' in G-d, because I have experienced 'He/She/Them' so my experience transcends any belief. If others do not subscribe to that, it is of no bother to me, people can believe anything they want to believe.

I did assume that you were somewhat versed in occult texts by your above post, but now I see that you are well versed in critical thinking and common sense. I see also that your interests coincide with my own, and I apologize for delving into a discussion of 'labels'.
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please don't take offence but i detect a somewhat haughty tone of your posts.

do you believe yourself to be some kind of ascended master by any chance?
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Lol. I did ascend my front porch steps earlier, and I have done it so much that, in fact, I am now a master of said ascension. Does that count?

That which eludes us is not what is unknown, but rather what has been forgotten.