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Its really difficult to shed the ego / disdain

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07/31/2013 07:13 PM
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Its really difficult to shed the ego / disdain
I don't know about you but if you operate with a decent level of awareness, you realize you live in a prison. Yes, there is a lot of beauty in the world, in nature, even in the giant cities man builds. There is potential for love in any situation and in every environment, but.. what really makes me angry is when people do not offer the same effort in response. I have so little hope in the people of this world. I see the selfishness on display daily, and every person is sure that their selfishness is warranted. How did we come to this?

We have been corrupted at a fundamental level. I feel the rage build up inside me every-time I am out in public. I love everyone and wish them well but sometimes I think some truly nasty things about people for the most basic things. When the ignorance and selfishness is rubbed into your face everyday how long before you develop a deep resentment for the people of this planet? I can't seem to shake it..